´EmBears - Teddy Bears and stuffed animals are handmade in Wayne County, Ohio, USA
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About 'EmBears

Hi, I am Ellen MacMaster. I personally create each and every stuffed critter, one at a time, each with it's own unique expression and "Person"ality. My preoccupation with stuffed animals started as a child and continues still. I made my first bear as a church project in 1996. If you possess my passion for stuffed critters, then you will enjoy my bears.

My bears started coming to "life" in St. Lawrence County in Northern New York in 2000 where my husband & I lived along the shores of the Raquette River. Their "den" is now in Wooster, Ohio, where I continue to create these homemade critters and is the home to my personal collection of over 60 pair of eyes perched in various places. Our bedroom is home for over 60 pairs of eyes - stacked in corners, sitting on dressers, hanging from mirrors and dangling precariously from my very own Tree of Stuffed Critters.

Everyone needs a stuffed critter, and my goal is to put a smile in everyone's heart through my art of creating huggable, fuzzy bundles of love - the critters I call 'EmBears.

Ellen MacMaster